Innovation Starts With Us.
We respect innovation – Talent – experience – and quality in every aspect of our daily business .No matter the scale of task given  –  We deliver as promised.

At Seribu Bio~systems Pvt. Ltd.(Malaysia) – our team of engineering personals, creative staff  & specialist skilled men, think & continuously produce results beyond the norms of ordinary workforce . We will never want to compete on the cost competitive platform, but  We put forward flows of workable and practical economical ideas and present implementable innovative solutions for all to benefit.

Being an organization which have mastered and integrated numerous industry skills into a multi tasked, profit making business institution, Here, We believe, with our personal & professional afford, we can deliver continuous success to our clients and associates like YOU  with pride and dignity.

Talk to us now – to forge a great partnership today – for a profitable business tomorrow.


A sincere business invitation note from

Chief operating Director
Chandra L Ramprakash

A One Stop Centre For Soccer Pitches – Sports Courts – Swimming pools – Coco Peat – Agro Seeds – Plants Growth Media – Agro Chemicals / Fertilizers – Hydroponics – Fertigation Supplies – Agricultural Farm Automations – Farmers Extension Training Centre.

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