Mud Crab Hatcheries Technologies

Seribu Bio Systems Pvt Ltd Provide a complete and comprehensive Aquaculture hatcheries services and systems, which can generate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue to our customers all over the world.

Using the latest technologies in administrating probiotics and microbes to increase the survival rates of aqua life systems.

We conduct detailed feasibilities studies , design – built and operate fully stand alone, sterile conditioned commercial grade mud crab hatcheries to support farmers all over the world.

Associating ourselves with numerous vastly experienced aqua technologist’s from Malaysia and India , Our hatcheries designs were results oriented and frugally simplistic too and can be set up in most varing climatic conditions too, as our operations and productions , now were mainly for our own needs, we do not sell the crablets / fries to outside demand, nevertheless – our would be commercial hatchery set up in Myanmar will be producing and providing consistent supplies of juvenile hatchlings for the farmers needs all year round.

Mud Crab Farms

The medium sized farm were actually converted from former tiger prawn to mudcrab farm, due to mudcrabs resistance to diseases and profitability, We’re currently in arrangements / physical works commencement stage with coastal land owners in Myanmar to commence commercial scale farming’s thru contract farming agreements. The expected total monetary turnover is expected to be over USD30.000.000 to USD60.000.00 within 5 years of operations, which will be beneficial to local economy and populations directly and indirectly widely.


Softshell Crab Production

We have completed the initial trial period of producing softshell crabs for commercial market, in coming future , we will commence large scale softshell productions for the world market. Our vertical farming methods and floating grow boxes will be self produced and also systems supplied to the farmers market.

Crab Farming Image Gallery

Shrimps Farming

Seribu Bio – Systems Sdn.Bhd. specialize in producing profitable shrimps varieties i.e  Penaeus vannamei ( whiteleg shrimp ) also known as Pacific white shrimp  &  Penaeus Monodon also known as The giant tiger prawn.

Based on our experience in Shrimps farming we believe that  raising and producing marine &  freshwater shrimp or prawns in your own aquaculture farm can be a profitable business. Freshwater shrimp farming is suitable mostly in the warmer climate, and is similar to marine shrimp farming in many ways because they share many of the same characteristics.

Fish Farming

Our Company has set-up different fish farms in India & Malaysia for commercial / Bulk  production. We are specialist in the production of Following varieties.

Grouper (Epinephelus spp.) is a high value fish with great potential in aquaculture. They are valued for their excellent texture and flavor. The demand for grouper in the international market is fast growing particularly in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.