Acrylic Coating

Acrylic Coating Services for Hardcourts in Malaysia

Seribu Bio provides the best Acrylic Coating Systems which are multi-layer latex based paint systems that establish or restore surface texture, protect underlying asphalt systems from the weather and climatic change, enhance overall playability by establishing play speed and ultimately provide the surface with a vibrant colour scheme.

A Cushioned surface option combines the same consistency and durability as a typical coating system application but adds layers of rubber particles or "cushion" to absorb shock and reduce the impact on a player's body. Bright white playing lines are the finishing touch to accentuate the color contrast between the center playing area and the perimeter of the court. We install various types of acrylic coating systems, including Annual Color Coating Systems, Standard Coating Systems and Cushion Coating Systems.

Advantages of Acrylic Coating

  • Comfort
    Due to the buffer coat layer, the floor is very comfortable to play
     on compared to the commonly used hard court solutions.
  • Safety
    With its renown, durable acrylic material finish with its
     well-balanced friction/sliding properties
    , the Comfort Court offers safety for the players at all time.
  • Seamless Design
    70% of all floor failures start with a seam;
     no seams, no porous, no problems.
  • Closed Surfaces
    No dirt or bacteria can penetrate the floor;
     very easy to clean, very hygienic.
  • Resistant
    An acrylic acid court is resistant to cigarette
     burns and many common chemicals.
  • Easy to Repair
    When the floor is damaged, it can be repaired seamlessly.
  • Asphalt or Concrete Sub Base Both are suitable for acrylic acid Court. There are no limitations when
     you choose to install a acrylic acid Court system.
Design and Consulting

We can design and layout courts to make optimum use of your available space and provide computerized renderings so clients can visualize the look of their court. Much of our consulting work centers on developing appropriate reconstruction procedures for older courts.

Hard Court Construction

We build all-weather Hardcourts. Our comprehensive construction services include excavation, laser grading, irrigation systems, drainage systems, stone base construction, asphalt paving, playing surface systems and installation of selected accessories such as fencing, lighting, basketball systems, and windscreens. We can even build walkways, retaining walls and patio areas.

Hard Court Resurfacing

Hard court resurfacing includes crack and application of various acrylic coating systems. We can also paint custom logos on any court surface.

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