Polyurethane Sports Flooring

Polyurethane (PU) Sports Flooring

We are one of the few companies that are able to install Polyurethane (PU) sports flooring in the country. Many companies have to subcontract PU floors to us as they are unable to get the product. We have many years of experience at installing PU sports surfaces around the country and the globe. Polyurethane sports surface is one of the best sports surfaces to play on as it is high grip and has a soft cushion effect to protect against ligament damage. Polyurethane sports surfaces can be used for all sports.

We can install a high grip PU tennis surface that has very fine sand in it to add to the grip. There are many different types of Polyurethane (PU) surfaces for indoor and outdoor use. Whether it be a multipurpose sports hall or a running track or whether you need more flex in the floor, we will find a surface to suit your sporting needs.

Polyurethane tracks are either paved, mixed and poured or a combination of the two.  They use polyurethane to bind the rubber particles together and to the asphalt/concrete base.  They are very high quality and the top performing surfaces for athletes available.  Many high schools and colleges and recreation areas use them when they need a tough, durable, high-performance surface.  They are generally medium to high priced surfaces available in black or in colors.  High-quality installation equipment, techniques, and very experienced installation personnel are extremely important to ensure a high-quality installation.


  • Comfort Due to the buffer coat layer, the floor is very comfortable
    to play on compared to the commonly used hardcourt solutions.
  • Safety With its renowned, durable silicon PU top finish with its sliding
     properties, the Comfort Court offers safety for the players at all time.
  • Seamless design 70% of all floor failures start with a seam. no seams,
    no porous, no problems.
  • Closed surfaces No dirt or bacteria can penetrate the floor; very easy
    to clean, very hygienic.
  • Multi-Use The surface makes it suitable to play all kinds of ball games,
     including tennis, basketball or football
  • Resistant  Silicon PU Court is resistant to cigarette burns and
    many common chemicals.
  • Easy to repair When the floor is damaged, it can be repaired seamlessly.
  • Asphalt or Concrete sub-base Both are suitable for silicon PU Court. There are no limitations
    when you choose to install a silicon pu Court system.

Polymeric Rubber Surface

The design of polyurethane indoor sports surfaces is extremely versatile. This means they can be used as multipurpose areas which are great for schools, sports clubs and leisure centers. A PU floor surface will often be used for exam halls, school assemblies and dance studios, as well as a range of sporting activities. Once the initial installation has been completed by our contractors, the two-layer system is durable, long lasting and very easy to maintain. As they provide anti-slip qualities, the polyurethane indoor sports surfaces protect users from injury when running and playing on the area as well as providing a protective coating for the floor.

We offer a variety of colour options for P2 and P3 rated polyurethane sports flooring so you can customize the design to suit your own preference. The line marking paint also comes in numerous colours to help you differentiate between each sport you want to play. Our team will be able to talk you through each variable and help you decide on the best specification for your indoor sports facility. As well as indoor sports hall flooring, our installers can build outdoor MUGA facilities using polymeric rubber surfaces which are great for a range of activities.

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