Rubberized Running Track

Rubberized Running Track

Seribu Bio rubberized running track systems are designed for application over properly prepared asphalt, concrete or latex-based running track surfaces. Seribu Bio systems contain small rubber granules that enhance the flexibility of the coating and add to the overall shock absorption of the surface. Our synthetic running track formulations beautify and protect against oxidation, raveling, and moisture penetration.

Seribu Bio Plus is available in all standard colors by utilizing Colour Plus Pigment Dispersion. Colour Plus contains high-quality pigments to ensure vibrant color, hiding, and many years of non-fading performance.

Following are the uses for our running track technology :

  • Resurfacing existing SBR latex running tracks.
  • Use as an athletic track surface on a new or existing surface
    (asphalt or concrete).
  • Walking path, jogging trails, middle and high school track
  • Coating for rubberized asphalt track
  • Military Running Tracks
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