Sports Complex Steel Structure

Sports Complex Steel Structure

Creating a space that has the ability to hold multiple sporting events can be costly and difficult. There are constraints on what type of sports can be held in certain types of building materials. Prefabricated steel interior sports buildings offer the ability to hold any and all sporting events within its walls. Creating a new steel structure may be the only way to obtain the ideal space for indoor sports buildings.

Seribu Bio works closely with its customers to ensure that all aspects of the project are met and up to the proper standards. Prefabricated steel indoor sports buildings are easily erected and more cost-effective than any other type of material. Offering an obstruction-free space that goes both horizontal and vertical so that all sporting regulations and requirement are able to be met. Without any obstructions within the indoor sports building, it allows for the space to have all aspects of a sports facility; locker rooms, ticket booths, office spaces, merchandise area and more.


Prefab Steel Indoor Sports
Buildings Offer the Ultimate Versatility

Having a versatile indoor sports facility can be costly when switching from event to event. Coastal Steel Structures has wall panelling that has a superior seal that helps keep energy cost down. This seal also helps to keep out moisture, insects, and vermin keeping the integrity of the building.

Steel buildings are able to be made to hold heavy equipment, such as a ventilation system, within the walls. They are also able to have framed or self-framing doors and windows, even within the expandable end wall. Having a metal building that is able to support heavy equipment really matters; it gives the building the ability to have a basketball game one night and a hockey game the next. Other types of building materials do not allow for the same seal that can get the job done right.

Our in-house innovated frugal designs which meet quality requirements and durability, or even the oil and gas industries for permanent steel structures are the best choice for customers requiring speed of construction and economy coupled with aesthetic value. Our buildings are ideal for residential, commercial and agricultural use

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