Sports LED Lighting System

Sports LED Lighting System

A Proven System

Our system approach to sports and transportation/infrastructure lighting delivers the performance and long-term reliability that continues to set us apart after 40 years. But after four decades of researching and engineering all of the elements needed for proper lighting, we know that’s not true. It takes a proven system, designed to work together, to make the most of any light source to assure the designed lighting gets in place and stays there over the life of the system. LED is no different.

We stand behind everything we do. But more importantly, we do it because we’re as invested in you as you are in us. And we provide the kind of unmatched support that ensures that your field is always ready to play. For you, it’s about peace of mind. you can rest assured that the scheduling of your lights will be simple, streamlined, and efficient, while at the same time knowing that we’re proactively monitoring your system’s performance.

Controlled lighting system

We create controlled light, not floodlights. Our LED sports lighting direct light with pinpoint precision because it’s about lighting your field, not the neighborhood around it. We create controlled light, not floodlights. The patented, customizable optics. We put a higher percentage of light precisely where you want it—on the field. And players can track the flight of the ball like never before.

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